japan life #1

finally more update

I’m back again after long absent
today i’m writing about member cards, i had so far in japan 😛
Well every time when i am purchasing something like convince store in japan, the staff will ask about member card, point card or something like that.It really annoying heard the same things so i decided make a few member cards here. It really common in japan to use point cards.
the most cards i'm usually use only this 5 cards : Ponta card, T-card, Suica, and tower record, and animate mobile card
 photo 20150118_210407_zpscd321f30.jpg

next anime and everything
yes no denial, it more benefit to buy and searching anime stuff when you live in japan >v<
so far i'm still addict with vocaloid and figure ^^
Lately my attention full to tsukiuta (will update more info later XD)

okay that's for today ^^